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Brave New Films, NARAL Pro-Choice New York, Make The Road New York, And Planned Parenthood Advocates of New York Expose 'The Real Harold Ford'

Former Tennessee Congressman's Track Record as a Conservative Democrat includes Anti-Choice, Anti-Gay, and Anti-Immigrant Stances


New Films, NARAL Pro-Choice New York, Planned Parenthood Advocates of
New York, and Make the Road New York are releasing "The Real Harold
Ford" in an effort to inform New Yorkers about Harold Ford. Ford, a former Tennessee Congressman, was widely known for his conservative voting record. While in office, Ford voted for several measures that undermined women's access to abortion care. He
proudly defined himself as a pro-life candidate in his failed 2006 bid
for the United States Senate, and in 2003 supported an abortion ban
that didn't even allow for abortions to save a woman's life.

Ford's voting record on immigration is nothing short of anti-immigrant. Ford
voted to place immigration enforcement in hands of local police and
supported the Sensenbrenner bill which would have criminalized
humanitarian assistance to immigrants. Ford also has a long history of advocating against same sex marriage. In 2004, Ford voted in favor of a Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage. In July 2006, Ford voted in favor of constitutionally defining marriage as between one man and one woman.*

Ford's conservative voting record reflects his ideologies and puts him out of touch with most New Yorkers. Ford is currently the Chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC).

To view the "The Real Harold Ford," please visit:

a New Yorker, born and bred (and still with my New York City accent), I
am honor bound to let the world know who the real Harold Ford is.
Harold Ford can claim to be progressive on issues, but the record
clearly states otherwise." Robert Greenwald, Producer Brave New Films.

we all know, New York is a progressive, pro-choice state. Polls and
elections around the state have proven this time and time again," said M. Tracey Brooks, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Advocates of New York.
"Harold Ford claims others are falsifying his record in public life.
It's clear in this video that Harold Ford is self-proclaimed pro-life and does not reflect the values of New York voters."

Ford's voting record in congress includes some of the most
anti-immigrant initiatives: He voted to put immigration enforcement in
the hands of local police departments, increase deportations, and
eliminate the diversity visa program. Sadly, Ford's votes and
anti-immigrant rhetoric have had the consequence of hostility and
violence against immigrants."
Ana Maria Archila,Co-Executive Director, Make The Road New York

Ford, Jr. is attempting to re-write history. When he publicly and
repeatedly described himself as 'pro-life,' he did so with the full
knowledge that the public would understand his statement to mean that
he does not support abortion rights. Our state has a proud history of
pro-choice representation and the ongoing debate on healthcare reform
puts in clear perspective how one legislator's vote can have a dramatic
impact on the lives of American women. New York State has not - and
will not - provide that anti-choice vote."
Mary Alice Carr, Vice President for Communications, NARAL Pro-Choice New York.

the tradition of "The Real Rudy" and "The Real McCain," Brave New Films
will once again use new media to educate New Yorkers about "The Real
Harold Ford." "The Real McCain" has reached over 18 million viewers
nationwide, while the "The Real Rudy" has reached well over half a
million viewers.

the Road New York promotes economic justice, equity and opportunity for
all New Yorkers through community and electoral organizing, strategic
policy advocacy, leadership development, youth and adult education, and
high quality legal and support services.

*From "Harold Ford on the Issues":