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Former Government Officials, Including Members of Congress, Cashing in as Lobbyists for Financial Industry, Public Citizen Analysis Shows

Lobbyist Ranks Filled With Former Federal Employees, Well-Connected Congressional Staffers


More than 900 former federal employees, including 70 former members
of Congress, have gone to work as lobbyists for the financial services
sector in 2009, according to a Public Citizen report released today
analyzing data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics (

The list of people who have passed through the revolving door
between Congress and the financial services sector includes a former
speaker of the House of Representatives, two former Senate majority
leaders and two former House majority leaders. At least 52 of the
lobbyists served on - or worked as staffers for - the Senate and House
banking committees, which are considering legislation to re-regulate
the industry. Additionally, at least 41 financial services lobbyists
previously worked for members of Congress who now serve on one of these
key committees.

"It's a shame that so much taxpayer money has been spent to train
people to lobby against the American people," said David Arkush,
director of Public Citizen's Watch division. "The financial industry
appears to be better at hiring influence-peddlers than running banks."

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