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Protests at Insurance Company Offices


Beginning Wednesday, protests are expected in 19 cities at offices of insurance companies.

The Mobilization for Health Care for All said in a statement that
it "has seen almost 900 people sign up to risk arrest at a health
insurance office in the past four weeks. ... Participants in the
sit-ins will walk into the offices and demand that insurance companies
immediately route all the funding the currently pay for lobbyists to
providing care to patients who need it. The participants will sit down
and refuse to leave until their demands are met. Many of them expect to
be arrested for trespassing, disturbing the peace, or another charge."

Mobilization participants state that, following the model of the
civil rights movement, they are building a movement "for real health
care reform, reform that addresses the main cause of the health care
crisis: the insurance companies" and calling for "Medicare for All, a
universal health care plan."

Cities where protests are scheduled include New York, Seattle,
Baltimore, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Columbus, Los Angeles, Albuquerque,
Providence and Fort Lauderdale. See the webpage for a complete list and dates and
local grassroots contact information.

Among the participants and organizers available for interviews are:

Also via Lacy MacAuley
Zeese is with the Prosperity Agenda. Flowers is a pediatrician with
Physicians for a National Health Program; she is one of several doctors
who will be risking arrest.

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