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Stimulate Good Government, Report Your State's [Government’s] Accountable Recovery Efforts

WASHINGTON - As part of its effort to identify good government indicators at the state and local level (follow this link to our State Project On Government Oversight [SPOGO] page),
POGO needs your help identifying some of the most effective and
innovative state or local mechanisms that can ensure that federal
stimulus funds are spent ethically, effectively, transparently, and
accountably. These can be policies, rules, structures, or procedures in
a city, state, or county government. For example, the city government
of Warwick, RI, posts its contracts on the web, the state of Illinois
has a website that lets the public search for contractors’ campaign
contributions, or South Carolina has some of the most enforceable
conflict-of-interest laws.

We are especially interested in:

  • Systems that track contractor misconduct (contract fraud and environmental, ethics, and labor violations)
  • Safe and secure channels established for whistleblowers and tips
  • Independently conducted performance audits of government services
  • Revolving door restrictions between public officials and contractors, lobbyists and regulated businesses

POGO will highlight what is being done well to federal agencies,
Congress, the media, public interest groups, and the public. Ideally,
other jurisdictions may adopt these good governance mechanisms. Perhaps
even the federal government.

As a participant in this survey,
please know that we will publicize the noteworthy mechanisms that you
share, but we will not identify you without your permission. The survey
also gives you an opportunity to share any weaknesses with a good
governance mechanism. You can access the survey here

We have also created an opportunity to report stimulus corruption, here.

Check out our files, resources and clips on POGO's State Stimulus Oversight Investigations page.



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