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Food & Water Watch Launches 'Healthy School Milk or Bust' Tour Across the Midwest

Consumer Group Will Promote New Report to Highlight Need for Hormone-Free Milk in Schools


Today, Food & Water Watch, a national consumer advocacy group,
kicked off its "Healthy School Milk or Bust" tour and hit the road to
secure healthy milk for schoolchildren. Traveling in a cow-themed van
from July 10th - July 20th, Food & Water Watch will be visiting
county fairs, farmers' markets and senators' offices in six states to
gear up for this year's re-authorization of the Child Nutrition Act - a
bill that is designed to help meet the nutritional needs of children
through the National School Lunch Program and other feeding programs.

road to healthier milk in our schools starts in our local communities,"
said Wenonah Hauter, Food & Water Watch executive director. "The
'Healthy School Milk or Bust' Tour is an opportunity to engage and
educate consumers who may be unaware that our nation's schools are
becoming a dumping ground for milk that Americans are increasingly

Food & Water Watch has been working with parents,
consumers, farmers, health professionals and teachers to ensure that
schools have the option to purchase organic milk or milk not treated
with the recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH). A new report
released today by Food & Water Watch, rBGH: How Artificial Hormones Damage the Dairy Industry and Endanger Public Health,
describes how this genetically engineered artificial hormone has been
linked to cancer in humans and numerous illnesses in dairy cows.

in 1994 by the Food and Drug Administration, rBGH is injected into cows
to make them produce more milk. Besides the documented increase of
infections in dairy cows injected with rBGH, which necessitates
increased use of antibiotics, there are ongoing questions about links
to cancer in humans. Based on the number of dairies that use rBGH in
the United States, it is possible that at least 84 million gallons of
milk from rBGH-treated cows were distributed through the school
nutrition programs in 2005-2006.

The "Healthy School Milk or
Bust" Tour "roadies" will make their way through Pennsylvania, Ohio,
Michigan, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota, gathering signatures for a
national petition and serving rBGH-free milk and cookies along the way.
They will also be distributing educational factsheets and the new
report to aid citizens in taking action in their local school districts
and on the national level.

"This tour is a part of a nationwide
movement of students, parents and communities who want schools to have
the safest food possible," said Hauter. "The most vulnerable members of
our society, our children, deserve to have food that does not cause
them harm."

To find out if the tour is coming to a town or city near you, please visit

To view Food & Water Watch's rBGH report online, please visit

Food & Water Watch mobilizes regular people to build political power to move bold and uncompromised solutions to the most pressing food, water, and climate problems of our time. We work to protect people's health, communities, and democracy from the growing destructive power of the most powerful economic interests.

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