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National Media Day of Action on Afghanistan Thursday, May 21


What's the first step for us to stop the war in Afghanistan? Shift American public opinion.

why UFPJ is calling for all of us to join in a National Media Day of
Action on Thursday, May 21 to reach out to every local, regional, and
national media source! How do we do all that? It's much easier than you think. We'll provide you resources, tool and tips, and a Media Training conference call on Thursday, May 14 to teach you how to get our voices there!

If you post or publish something, click here to tell us what you did and give us the link so we can add up our collective impact!

Media Training Conference Call:
Thursday, May 14 -- 9 PM ET (6 PM PT)

us for a one-hour training on media tips, talking points, role plays
and best practices for effective media work around Afghanistan. To get
on this call, send an email to

about how to be in the media mix, get geared up to be on radio and tv
shows, learn how to jump into the online world of Media 2.0, and build
your skills to be part of a longer-term media strategy for grassroots
peace and justice organizing.

also put together a list of online resources for you to use and look
at, which will help you do the media work needed to change public
opinion. Click here for these resources.

For questions, or to join the Afghanistan Working Group, email

United for Peace and Justice was founded, in 2003, to build a coalition of local and national peace and justice organizations to prevent the War on Iraq. The conflicts raging around the world today make it clear that the need to work for peace remains more important than ever. That is why UFPJ reorganized, in 2008, as a network and now operates with an all-volunteer Coordinating Committee, supported by one part-time staff member who assists with UFPJ action alerts, campaigns, and organizing. They meet weekly to manage the ongoing communication and administrative requirements of the network.