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Encourages Lawmakers to Swiftly Pass Legislation Benefiting America's Workers

American Rights at Work Hails Introduction of Employee Free Choice Act


Acting on the growing momentum for economic policies that will bring
real change to America, today Representative George Miller (D-CA) and
Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) introduced the Employee Free Choice Act,
legislation giving workers a fair and direct path to form unions.
American Rights at Work Executive Director Mary Beth Maxwell and Chair
David Bonior both called on Congress to swiftly pass the bill and
released the following statements:

Mary Beth Maxwell: "In today's uncertain times, the Employee
Free Choice Act will restore America's promise to its workers - that if
you work hard and play by the rules, you deserve a voice in the
workplace. It will level the playing field by letting workers, not
their bosses, choose the process with which they form a union. The bill
will toughen penalties on employers who violate the law and help
workers secure a contract in a timely manner. The legislation has
support from the White House, a majority in both houses of Congress,
and the American public. As lawmakers work to rebuild our economy, it's
time to make the Employee Free Choice Act the law of the land."

David Bonior: "Workers are struggling to make ends meet in this
tough economy. The Employee Free Choice Act will dismantle the barriers
preventing workers from joining unions, so they can bargain for better
wages, benefits, and job security. History has shown that when workers
have a voice in their workplaces, the middle class is strengthened and
our nation prospers. The Employee Free Choice Act will give workers
that voice and make the economy work for everyone again."