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Millions Not Allowed to Vote

Spencer Overton: We Need an Independent Election Commission;

WASHINGTON - In part three of 'Is the fox guarding the henhouse?' series on voting
in the US, the Real News explores the voting legislation that
disenfranchises millions of American citizens.

Spencer Overton of the George Washington University Law School
discusses with the Real News two 'big picture reforms' the US should
make to its electoral system.  The first is to safeguard the voting
system from manipulation by politicians.  This involves establishing an
independent voting commission to monitor voting procedures. 

The second is to open access to more voters.  Increasing voter
access can include allowing for election-day registration and the
restoration of voting rights to former offenders.  As Overton notes,
Armenia is the only other democracy that rescinds voting rights to
offenders, whether they have served their time or not.

Part one of this series can be seen at:

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