US War Resister faces deportation from Canada

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US War Resister faces deportation from Canada

Canada Border Services Agency continues to routinely affect deportation orders of US Iraq War resisters

Canadian Immigration Refugee Board decided this week that Sergeant
Patrick Hart and his family must voluntarily leave Canada or face
deportation to the United States on 30 October 2008.  Sergeant Hart has been resisting his deployment to Iraq since he went AWOL in August of 2005.  Hart believes his engagement with the war would violate the Geneva convention.                                                                            

decision by the Canadian Immigration Refugee Board follows a decision
by the Canadian parliament in July 2008 known as the War Resister
Motion.  This non-binding motion supports allowing Iraq war resisters to remain in Canada. 

lawyer, Alyssa Manning believes there are 'clear errors certainly in
the humanitarian and compassionate grounds' with regard to the Board's
decision on Sergeant Hart's case.  It is estimated that there are two hundred war resisters currently residing in Canada.



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