Branson in space

Virgin Galactic founder Sir Richard Branson (L) celebrates with crew members after flying into space aboard a Virgin Galactic vessel on July 11, 2021. (Photo: Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images)

Patriotic Millionaires Launches New Campaign to Boost Fight for Economic Justice will "help educate, train, and mobilize activists and everyday Americans" concerned about tax justice, the group explained.

In an effort to "help everyday Americans increase their impact in the fight for economic justice," the advocacy group Patriotic Millionaires on Thursday launched a new website,, dedicated to ensuring that "millionaires, billionaires, and corporations pay all of the cost to rebuild the country."

The new site will "help educate, train, and mobilize activists and everyday Americans" concerned about tax justice, the group explained in a statement.

The website notes that congressional Republicans, with the blessing of former President Donald Trump, "rewrote the entire federal tax code" in 2017, resulting in billionaires paying "a lower effective tax rate than every other group of people in the country" for the first time ever the following year.

"The Patriotic Millionaires plan to use the site to work with supporters to actively lobby Congress for meaningful change," the group's statement said. "Through this mobilization campaign, the Patriotic Millionaires will provide expertise, experience, and behind-the-scenes knowledge of the legislative process to direct advocates' time and energy in the most effective and timely way."

The site launch follows a July 27 rally in New York's Times Square co-hosted by Patriotic Millionaires and organizations including Tax March, Strong Economy for All, and New York Communities for Change at which participants competed in a "Tax the Rich Game Show" and decried the so-called "Billionaire Space Race" between former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Virgin Group founder Richard Branson.

The event's organizers also unveiled a billboard in the iconic square that read: "1 Billionaire Pays 1 Billion per Year to Spend 10 Minutes in Space. His Tax Rate? 1%. Tax the Rich."

According to the new site, "Patriotic Millionaires want to live in a country with a basic sense of fairness, where millionaires don't get special treatment just because they're rich."

"The 'Other' Millionaires want special treatment, they think they deserve special treatment," the group added. "They insist the economy will collapse if they pay a penny more in taxes. Nonsense. Nothing is going to collapse if millionaires pay their fair share (except for possibly an over-inflated ego or two).

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