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The Critique of Apocalyptic Profit-Seeking in "Don't Look Up" Hits Close to Home

The movie is a parable about an existential threat to the planet and the inability of political leaders to deal with the looming crisis except through a prism of self-interest—both personal and corporate—that ultimately endangers all of humanity.

Tony Norman ·

The Global Green New Deal Can Pave the Way for the Formation of a United Left Front in 2022

Environmental and labor movements need to join forces by embracing the global Green New Deal.

C.J. Polychroniou ·

Trump-Appointed Judge Sides With Cops Who Brutalized DAPL Protesters

The ruling "effectively legitimizes launching an hours-long barrage of freezing water, explosives, and highly dangerous munitions into a crowd of demonstrators."

Kenny Stancil ·

Germany One Step Closer to Nuclear-Free Future as Three of Six Power Plants Go Offline

"By massively increasing renewable energy and accelerating the expansion of the electricity grid we can show that this is possible in Germany," the country's Green economy and climate minister said.

Brett Wilkins ·

Top 3 Pieces of Good News in 2021—Because Optimists Are the Problem Solvers

Here are some good news stories to offset the panic rained down on us by our television sets.

Juan Cole ·

Seasonal Insomniacs in Times of Climate Chaos

The science is clear: the crisis is caused by our addiction to fossil fuels, overconsumption, excessive animal meat production, and pollution.

Rivera Sun ·

'We Are in a Climate Emergency': Late-December Wildfires Ravage Colorado

"None of this is normal," said Colorado state Rep. Leslie Herod. "We are not OK."

Jake Johnson ·

E.O. Wilson's Lifelong Passion for Ants and Conserving the World's Biodiversity

Life as we know it can be sustained only if we preserve functioning ecosystems on at least half of planet Earth.

Doug Tallamy ·

Near President's Delaware Home, Encampment Calls on Biden to 'Declare a Climate Emergency'

"When it's 'code red' you do things you've never done before," said one member of the group. "I and others here are doing that."

Jon Queally ·

Ocean Heating This Century Could Create Hurricane Conditions Unseen in 3 Million Years: Study

The study's authors say the likelihood of higher-latitude tropical storms fueled by human-caused global heating "poses profound risks to the planet's most populous regions."

Brett Wilkins ·

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