Sarah Lazare, staff writer
This mural is part of the 12 Hours Campaign in Sana'a, Yemen. Artists include Hadeel Almoafak, Hanan Alsurmi, Thi yazen Alalawi, and Murad Subay (Photograph courtesy of Murad Subay)
A Yemeni man who lost two family members to a U.S. drone strike is suing the German government for its role in the attacks through its hosting of a U.S. military installation—Ramstein Air Base— which is critical to the covert drone war. "Were it not for the help of Germany and Ramstein, men like my brother-in-law and nephew might still be alive...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
U.S. attorney argued on Monday that force-feeding, which is widely considered a form of torture, that the practice is not a "painful procedure." (Image via Reprieve)
In the first ever challenge to the U.S. government's ongoing and abusive force-...
Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Update 3:00 PM EST: Federal Judge Gladys Kessler on Friday ordered the U.S...

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