NARAL Pro-Choice America: Top 5 Reasons Gomez is Out of Step with MA Voters on Choice

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NARAL Pro-Choice America: Top 5 Reasons Gomez is Out of Step with MA Voters on Choice

WASHINGTON - With the special election for the open Senate seat in Massachusetts heating up, NARAL Pro-Choice America has collected the “Top 5 Worst Things Gabriel Gomez has said on Choice.”

From blocking abortion care for women in the military to claiming he would vote for Supreme Court nominees who oppose abortion rights, Gabriel Gomez has made clear that he will not be a champion of women's reproductive rights, should he be elected to office.

His inconsistent positions during the debate show that he is not fully informed on the facts and his campaign has even had to backtrack on his own statements.

Here are the “Top 5 Worst Things Gabriel Gomez has said on Choice”:

  1. Gomez opposes letting servicewomen get abortion care at their base hospital.
  2. When asked in a debate about Supreme Court nominees, Gomez stated, "If they're pro-life, I'll vote for them."
  3. Gomez supports forced-waiting periods for women getting abortion care, saying "I don't think that's too much to ask." Later, his campaign backtracked, saying that if a vote came up in the Senate on waiting periods, he would vote against it.
  4. Gomez avoided saying how he would have voted on the Stupak amendment, which would ban abortion coverage in the new health system. When asked, he said: "Is this federal funding for abortion? I don't believe that there should be federal dollars to fund abortion.” When The Boston Globe explained to Gomez that this failed measure would have made it virtually impossible for private insurance companies in the new system to provide abortion coverage, Gomez clearly did not understand. He reiterated: "OK, but I don't think there should be federal funding for abortions."
  5. Gomez's campaign has described the issue of women's contraceptive coverage as just "inside baseball."

For more than 30 years, NARAL Pro-Choice America has been the nation's leading advocate for privacy and a woman's right to choose. With more than one million members and supporters, NARAL Pro-Choice America is fighting to protect the pro-choice values of freedom and privacy. With the Supreme Court one vote away from overturning Roe v. Wade and many state legislatures under anti-choice control, our work has never been more important.

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