A Message to PBS: Televise the Trump Impeachment Hearings for All to See

Richard Nixon announces his resignation from the White House, 9th August 1974. (Photo: Dirck Halstead/Liaison/via Getty Images)

A Message to PBS: Televise the Trump Impeachment Hearings for All to See

Why we took out that ad in The New York Times.

UPDATE: After it was reported Friday afternoon that PBS, in addition to its live coverage, will air upcoming Trump impeachment hearings across its digital platforms as well as re-airing them at prime time on its digital channel WORLD, carried by 157 public television stations (covering 64.4% of US TV households) nationwide, Bill Moyers issued the following statement to indicate that the broadcasters refusal to run the hearings in its flagship all-access public channels does not meet his and Winship's demand for a full and complete "Watergate-like primetime replay."

Moyers responded: "Our friends at PBS are saying they will not carry the hearings in prime time -- period. Instead, they will throw them in the river and viewers can dive for it, because that's what WORLD is, a place where important programs are sent to die. Raise your hand if you have ever found a show on World? How in the world -- no pun intended -- does it serve democracy to hide the hearings from people who come home from work to see them but don't have cable, satellite, and internet access? If PBS were truly an alternative to corporate networks, it would repeat the hearings in prime time for the mass audience. Period."

If you agree with us, said Moyers, "contact your local public station or PBS directly."

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