Richard Nixon

Jessica Corbett, staff writer
nixon, trump
Legal scholars argue the report on former President Richard Nixon "would be a vital touchstone for the public and Congress" to assess actions and findings related to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's ongoing probe
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Nixon, Pence
"After a year of the Mueller investigation, Pence says it's time to wrap it up...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Comey, McCabe, working up to Rosenstein and maybe Sessions or Mueller or both...


Iowans are some pissed at the Des Moines Register's inexplicable Romney endorsement, slamming it as temporary insanity, magical thinking and foolishness on a par with their last endorsement of a Republican - Richard Nixon in '72. Many have cancelled subscriptions; others just want to have their say. Either way, it's good, and often entertaining, to hear folks speaking out. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell echoes them.