War and Peace Prizes

I was dismayed when I heard Barack Obama was given the Nobel peace prize. A shock, really, to think that a president carrying on two wars would be given a peace prize.
Until I recalled that Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Henry
Kissinger had all received Nobel peace prizes. The Nobel committee is
famous for its superficial estimates, won over by rhetoric and by empty gestures, and ignoring blatant violations of world peace.

Wilson gets credit for the League of Nations - that ineffectual body
which did nothing to prevent war. But he had bombarded the Mexican
coast, sent troops to occupy Haiti and the Dominican Republic and
brought the US into the slaughterhouse of Europe in the first World
War, surely among stupid and deadly wars at the top of the list.

Theodore Roosevelt brokered a peace between Japan and Russia. But he
was a lover of war, who participated in the US conquest of Cuba,
pretending to liberate it from Spain while fastening US chains on that
tiny island. And as president he presided over the bloody war to
subjugate the Filipinos, even congratulating a US general who had just
massacred 600 helpless villagers in the Phillipines. The Committee did
not give the Nobel prize to Mark Twain, who denounced Roosevelt and
criticised the war, nor to William James, leader of the
anti-imperialist league.

Oh yes, the committee saw fit to give a
peace prize to Henry Kissinger, because he signed the final peace
agreement ending the war in Vietnam, of which he had been one of the
architects. Kissinger, who obsequiously went along with Nixon's
expansion of the war, with the bombing of peasant villages in Vietnam,
Laos and Cambodia. Kissinger, who matches the definition of a war
criminal very accurately, is given a peace prize!

People should
be given a peace prize not on the basis of promises they have made - as
with Obama, an eloquent maker of promises - but on the basis of actual
accomplishments towards ending war, and Obama has continued deadly,
inhuman military action in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Nobel peace committee should retire, and turn over its huge funds to
some international peace organization which is not awed by stardom and
rhetoric, and which has some understanding of history.

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