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Dominican Republic

Something New and Something Old – A Story Still Being Told

There are indeed silver linings to *45—giving us the opportunity to learn and to shake-up and transform business as usual. Always ask: Why should I believe you? Why so many lies? In whose interest? Follow the money. Be curious – listen, read and learn.

William Cohn ·

Cuba Warns US Moving Special Forces Closer to Venezuela Under Guise of 'Humanitarian Intervention'

"It is worth recalling that similar behaviors and pretexts were used to by the U.S. during the prelude to wars it launched against Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Libya."

Jessica Corbett, staff writer ·

Urging Defections, Trump Administration Reportedly Holding Secret Talks With Venezuelan Military

Reports of direct communications between the White House and Venezuelan military officials come as Trump cabinet members continue to warn that military intervention is "on the table."

Jake Johnson, staff writer ·

Koch Kumbaya: The Billionaire Industrialists Appropriate Frederick Douglass, Pledge to “Do Right”

Let’s face it rapacious capitalism is the raison d’etre of the Koch Network

Mary Bottari ·

'Yiiiiikes': John Bolton Threatens to Send Venezuela's Maduro to Offshore US Prison at Guantánamo

"Also seems like the Trump administration is expecting tomorrow to be showdown day in Venezuela as protests expected nationwide."

Jessica Corbett, staff writer ·

Your Complete Guide to the N.Y. Times’ Support of U.S.-Backed Coups in Latin America

A survey of The New York Times archives shows the Times editorial board has supported 10 out of 12 American-backed coups in Latin America

Adam Johnson ·

While Criticizing Maduro, Sanders Says US Should 'Not Be in the Business of Regime Change' in Venezuela

"The United States has a long history of inappropriately intervening in Latin American countries," said the senator. "We must not go down that road again."

Jon Queally, staff writer ·

Violence Against Women: A Pandemic No Longer Hidden

Worldwide, violence is as common a cause of death and disability among women of reproductive age as cancer

César Chelala ·

181 Nations Just Voted to Help Refugees. Only the Far-Right United States and Hungary Voted "No"

The Global Compact on Refugees aims to provide a better global framework to respond to the crisis

Andrea Germanos, staff writer ·

Imagine a World Without War, Where Migrants Are Welcomed, Where Women Are Not Targets

Fighting indifference with justice on International Human Rights Day

Vijay Prashad ·