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An American Nightmare: Uvalde School Massacre

School shootings have become as American as apple pie.

Belén Fernández ·

Steps to Encourage Peace in Ukraine

This war could devolve into a nuclear war which could destroy civilization.

Deb Sawyer ·

Israeli War Crimes and the Execution of Al Jazeera Reporter Shireen Abu Akleh

Israel, which shoots hundreds of Palestinians a year, routinely includes reporters and photographers on its target lists.

Chris Hedges ·

How the US Will Ignore Israel's War Crime of Killing Shireen Abu Akleh

The goal is to assuage public anger with empty calls for an investigation, until this latest atrocity fades from the news cycle.

Ali Abunimah ·

$40 Billion War Fever Grips Congress as US Escalates Ukraine War

It's time for negotiations, not arms shipments, to end the Ukraine/Russia war.

Cole Harrison ·

The US Corporate Media Must Start Asking Tougher Questions About Ukraine

The mainstream media has paid little attention to the on-again off-again
peace talks—or to what an eventual peace deal could look like.

Dan Froomkin ·

The Global Suicide Budget

There's really only one question here, which is: How do we change?

Robert C. Koehler ·

Potential US Proxy War in Ukraine Could Be Disastrous

If there is indeed a shift in strategy to another level of confrontation with Russia, we need to know what we're getting into.

Anatol Lieven ·

US Secretary of Defense Admits the Real Strategic Goal in Ukraine: Quagmire for Russia

The strategic goal of "weakening Russia" is playing with fire—even nuclear fire—and to allow the war to go on indefinitely, or to escalate, at the expense of the Ukrainian people is cruel, dangerous, and unacceptable.

John Burroughs ·

To Help Get Justice for Ukrainians, the US Needs to Stop Undermining the ICC

Like Russia, the United States itself refuses to join the court. And that could make it more difficult to get justice for Ukrainians.

Farrah Hassen ·

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