Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Improved Medicare for All has support from an overwhelming majority of Democratic voters, so why the sudden proliferation of public option proposals? We should be very skeptical of these sorts of bills."
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
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Extreme weather events and suffering they cause beginning to put dents in "...
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Chase Iron Eyes, an activist and lead attorney for the Lakota People’s Law Project. (Photo: Screenshot)
"We have a president who is flippantly dehumanizing and offensive about our...


In a shameless nod to depravity, Benny Gantz, former Israeli army chief and political rival to Netanyahu in April elections, has released campaign ads in which he brags of raining death and destruction on innocents. Complete with swelling music, aerial shots and a ticking body count, he proudly celebrates bombing Gaza "back to the Stone Age" and killing 2,200 Palestinians, mostly civilians - because in a country where the choice is between a fascist and a fascist, "Only the strong win."