Jon Queally, staff writer
What the president claims was no big deal, say critics, was actually a very clear campaign violation and at least one member of Congress says they "certainly" could be "impeachable offenses"
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Trump's attempts to pander to coal industry executives despite deafening...
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Politicians, activists, and experts sharply condemned the move, emphasizing...


More bedlam. Before the Mueller memo declared Trump a felon - and the felon, deep in his lunatic fog, proclaimed "Totally clears the President" - Trump spent hours rave-tweeting and again spewing the vile, “FAKE NEWS. THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!” A friend and colleague of the Capital Gazette's Wendi Winters, shot dead for doing her job, wasn't having it. In a fierce, sweet, heart-rending remembrance of her, he ends with the vow, "We’ll keep on doing the work. Its what we do."