Julia Conley, staff writer
"Biden wants to lead the Democratic party, even as he plans to attend AIPAC's annual conference and perpetuate this broken status quo. We won't stand for that."
Eoin Higgins, staff writer
A company allegedly affiliated with former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg's campaign has a restrictive non-disclosure agreement.
"This is something I would expect to see from some of America's worst...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"You've got candidates, you've got super PACs, all piling on to stop Bernie...


Jesus, we wish the ever-appalling Susan Collins would go home already. Instead, in recent days she welcomed racist, moronic, mini-Trumpster Paul Lepage back to Maine, whined about opponents' dark money ads she herself cast the deciding vote for a decade ago, lied (again) about the 2017 tax scam she voted for, voted for one of two grotesque GOP anti-abortion bills, and said she's kinda disappointed by another insane Trump personnel pick. And yes, she furrowed her contemptible brow.

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