Julia Conley, staff writer
Jamaal Bowman, Jessica Cisneros, and Alex Morse will provide "the climate leadership required to address the crisis and take us into the climate decade," the national organization said.
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"This report should serve as a model for retailers to follow, and shows that it...
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
No More Deaths volunteer Scott Warren
"No one should die while attempting to migrate, and no one deserves to be...


Chanting "Liberté Ou la Mort!" and bearing muskets, pitchforks and cane knives, over 500 black people marched 26 miles through former plantations in Louisiana this weekend to recreate this country's largest but long-overlooked slave uprising. The radical re-imagining by artist Dread Scott sought to focus on emancipation not oppression, to not just memorialize the slaves' history but to honor their agency, humanity and valor. "This is a freedom march," he says. "These people were heroes."

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