Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Without a meaningful plan for court reform any presidential attempts to make needed change will simply be blocked by the courts."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"I happen to believe that when you talk about programs like Social Security,...
Jon Queally, staff writer
Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez, a 16-year-old Guatemalan migrant, was seriously ill when immigration agents put him in a small South Texas holding cell with another sick boy on the afternoon of May 19. By the next morning, he was dead. (Photo: via Facebook)
Contrary to claims by Border Patrol, "they didn't take him to the hospital...


OK, we are now and truly done with the con man and his vile hooker squatting in the White House. Having stayed silent through endless atrocities - rapes, lies, cruelty, racism, bullying, leaving families hungry, caging 70,000 children and killing six, now including one on video - the Birther Queen of Hypocrisy just offered us a jingoistic tour of tacky Christmas decor and a steaming pile of faux outrage about what "a minor child deserves." The Internet: " Sit down and STFU, lady."

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