Julia Conley, staff writer
The convicted murderer, a victim of horrific childhood abuse and rape, is scheduled to be put to death on January 12 as part of what has been called Trump's "execution spree."
Brett Wilkins, staff writer
Activists are seen holding placards during the protest. Abortion rights activists took part in stop the bans rally nationwide after multiple states pass fetal heartbeat bills. (Photo: Megan Jelinger/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
The ACLU called Senate Bill 27 "just one more transparent attempt to obstruct...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
Pro-choice activists celebrate in Buenos Aires after Argentina's Senate approved a bill to legalize abortion on December 30, 2020.
"This is a victory for the women's movement in Argentina, which has been...


Creepy Brett Kavanaugh
If you were busy today and therefore unable to see Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's opening remarks and subsequent testimony on Thursday—but wanted to because you thought they might somehow vindicate him from the charges levied against him by multiple women who say he sexually assaulted them or make him look like somebody who should receive a lifetime appointment to the nation's highest court—some videos of his testimony are below but we don't suggest you watch them: Or this exchange...

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