Shock Doctrine

Jessica Corbett, staff writer
puerto rico
"The U.S. treats Puerto Ricans as second class citizens," notes the ACLU. "Thousands of lives were lost because of it."
Democracy Now!
Author Naomi Klein appearing on Democracy Now! Wednesday.
"We're seeing the strategy that we've seen in many other disaster zones.....
Jake Johnson, staff writer
Given what "these companies have gotten away with," concluded Naomi Klein, it...


Proclaiming "a rebellion against the visual assault of media giants (with) a stranglehold over messages and meaning in our public spaces," dozens of artists have reclaimed the streets of Paris during the climate summit with 600 potent ad takeovers aimed at calling out the hypocrisy of corporate sponsors who are, in fact, part of the problem. Their furious message: Climate change "is not somewhere else" and "This country was not built by men in suits."