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Reversing Myanmar's Coup Isn't Enough. Here’s How to Build a Better Burma

Myanmar's military should be held accountable for the coup, but the West needs to make sure they are punished for their abuses against the country's minorities as well.

Rachel Gore Freed ·

'We Want Democracy!': Despite Internet Blackout, Tens of Thousands Protest Military Coup in Myanmar

"The Myanmar military has engaged in a naked power grab that if not reversed will set back democracy and the protection of human rights for a generation," warned one human rights advocate.

Jessica Corbett ·

'Short-Sighted and Inhumane': Human Rights Groups Sound Warnings as Bangladesh Sends Rohingya Refugees to Low-Lying Silt Island

"The relocation of so many Rohingya refugees to a remote island, which is still off limits to everyone including rights groups and journalists without prior permission, poses grave concerns about independent human rights monitoring."

Andrea Germanos ·

WATCH: Amid Extreme Anti-Refugee Push, Trump Displays Neither Interest Nor Knowledge of Asylum Seekers' Plight in Oval Office Meeting

"Donald Trump says that he cares about combating sex trafficking, but he couldn't even manage to have a coherent three-minute conversation with a trafficking survivor and global leader on ending sexual violence."

Julia Conley ·

Damning UN Report: Myanmar Generals Should Be Prosecuted for Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity

"The gross human rights violations and abuses committed in Kachin, Rakhine, and Shan states," the report charges, "undoubtedly amount to the gravest crimes under international law."

Jessica Corbett ·

WaPo Editor Blames Lack of US Leadership for Famine Caused by US Leadership

Obama and Trump have logistically and politically supported the Saudi-led bombing and blockade of Yemen that caused the famine.

Adam Johnson ·

‘Say the Word’: What the Rohingya Struggle is Really About

By stripping the Rohingya from any name affiliation that makes them a unique collective, it becomes possible, then, to deny them their rights, to dehumanize them and, eventually, ethnically cleanse them as has been the case for years.

Ramzy Baroud ·

After Hearing Accounts of Sexual Violence, UN Official to Bring Rohingya Case to ICC

Survivors who fled Myanmar told UN representative Pramila Patten about their experiences with "gang-rape by multiple soldiers, forced public nudity and humiliation, and sexual slavery in military captivity"

Jessica Corbett ·

Exposing Problematic Role as News Arbiter, Facebook Under Fire Over Myanmar

Rohingya activists report being banned by the social media site for reporting on atrocities in Myanmar

Julia Conley ·

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