Mike Pompeo

Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Leaders of faith and human rights groups
"We are sending a strong message to the administration that the country we want to live in is one where we take care of people who need safety and we are not afraid to be silenced."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered his address, titled "Being a Christian Leader," to a gathering of the American Association of Christian Counselors last Friday in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo: Screengrab/State Department Website)
"The Department of State looks more like it should be representing the Republic...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"We refuse to bankroll this administration while they hold witnesses hostage...


Unsurprisingly, a regime of white supremacists, evangelical Christians and jingoistic bigots chose to mark Pride Month by banning the flying of rainbow flags at U.S. embassies abroad because, says renowned homophobe Mike Pence, "When it comes to the American flagpole, only one American flag flies." Uh no, said insurrectionists, who defiantly amassed rainbow flags, lights, balloons to symbolize the tolerance they say America still and all stands for, or should.