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What Is Happening at the Venezuelan Embassy Is an Outrage

Determined to avoid another war, a group of US peace activists sought and received permission from the legitimate Venezuelan government to form an Embassy Protection Collective
Medea Benjamin ·

Donald Trump Offers a Helping Hand to China and Russia

Giving American isolationism new meaning in the twenty-first century.

Dilip Hiro ·

Tweeting While Rome Burns: The World According to Trump

(Or how to build a wall and lose an empire)

Alfred W. McCoy ·

Farming for a Small Planet

How we grow food determines who can eat and who cannot—no matter how much we produce.

Frances Moore Lappé ·

Amid Russian Denials, Greenpeace Demands Probe into Source of Nuclear Radiation

Kremlin admits detecting increased radioactivity but denies that Mayak plant, the scene of earlier disaster, is the source

Julia Conley, staff writer ·

Don't Worry, Europe, Radioactive Cloud Likely From Russian Nuclear Plant Accident Deemed 'Harmless'

Ruthenium-106 was detected "in the atmosphere of the majority of European countries" beginning late September, French officials said

Jake Johnson, staff writer ·

Lack of Universal Healthcare Should Be a 'National Scandal'

Fundamental rights are denied to millions of Americans because they do not enjoy one of the essential foundations of a fair society: the right to health.

Jimmy Carter ·

Even More Evidence the US Is a Kleptocracy, Not a Meritocracy

Data shows inequality is spiraling out of control

Paul Buchheit ·

Bush-Era Foreign Policy Delusions Are Alive and Well in 2017

Trump's foreign policy advisers are plainly unhinged. But the old establishment isn't much better.

Conn Hallinan ·