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The American Psychological Association Still Owes Guantanamo's Victims an Apology

Ultimately, even apologies won't be enough for the victims of U.S. government torture. The association should also join other human rights groups in publicly calling for the permanent closure of this ignominious offshore prison.

Roy Eidelson ·

The Poorest Still Paying the Biggest Price on a Burning Planet

What is the U.N. climate summit but a meeting place where the world's elite have protected their power for 27 years and counting?

Priti Gulati Cox ·

Progressive Lawmakers Mark 9/11 With Calls to 'Do Better and Learn From Our Mistakes'

"We must end endless wars, close Guantánamo, and abandon unconstitutional surveillance and discriminatory policy," said the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Jessica Corbett ·

GOP Senator Defends Guantánamo Bay Prison as 'Absolutely Vital Institution'

Sen. James Inhofe's comments come as congressional Democrats are reviving efforts to close the notorious U.S. military prison.

Brett Wilkins ·

Supreme Court Sides With Government Secrecy Powers in Torture-Related Case

The U.S. government doesn't want to acknowledge a Polish torture site that everyone knows about.

Robert Pallitto ·

50+ Groups Decry GOP Senators' 'Insidious' Attacks on Ketanji Brown Jackson

In a letter, the groups assert Republican lawmakers' aspersions on the U.S. Supreme Court nominee "grossly mischaracterize her work and threaten the ideals of our democracy."

Brett Wilkins ·

Undermining Judge Jackson's SCOTUS Confirmation: The GOP, Islamophobia, and Guantanamo

Judge Jackson is more than qualified to join the SCOTUS bench. That’s why it’s important to see past the blatant weaponization of Islamophobia to undermine her candidacy.

Maha Hilal ·

Bush War Crimes, Guantánamo in Spotlight at Ketanji Brown Jackson Hearings

"Representing Guantánamo detainees was entirely about the limits of executive power, not exoneration of terrorists. It's work she should be applauded for, unless you're, you know, anti-democracy."

Brett Wilkins ·

Declassified Docs Show CIA Used Prisoner as a Torture Training Prop

"Twenty years later, none of the those responsible for the CIA's heinous regime of torture were ever prosecuted," lamented Rep. Ilhan Omar. "Instead they got promotions."

Brett Wilkins ·

'Disgraceful': Supreme Court Sides With Hiding CIA Torture

"Basically, the Supreme Court has allowed the CIA to decide what can be said in court about the torture of prisoners in CIA black sites."

Jessica Corbett ·

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