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5 Reasons We Need a National Organization to Energize the Fight for Single Payer

Health care is a national crisis that requires a national solution.

Judy Albert ·

As WTO Ministerial Opens, Civil Society Slams Rich Nations for Acting as Big Pharma 'Henchmen'

"We are deeply concerned that rich nations are negotiating to protect the interests of pharmaceutical corporations... whatever the cost to public health," said one campaigner.

Jake Johnson ·

What Does It Mean That Women Now Dominate Higher Education?

If you visit a college campus, you should see roughly three women—now about 60% of all college students—for every two men.

Rebecca Gordon ·

Low-Wage American Taxpayers Spent Billions Inflating CEO Pay Through Stock Buybacks

President Biden has the power to crack down on executive excess by imposing new CEO pay and buyback restrictions on federal contractors.

Sarah Anderson ·

Report Warns Taxpayer Money Is Fueling 'Pandemic Greed Grab' by US CEOs

Amazon, which has reported $10.3 billion in recent federal contracts, paid CEO Andy Jassy 6,474 times more than it paid its median worker last year.

Jake Johnson ·

Civil Rights Groups Demand Senate Reinstate Desperately Needed Child Tax Credit

With U.S. families now spending an average of $327 per month more than usual, said the groups, "this toll on family budgets could be offset by a single monthly CTC payment."

Julia Conley ·

It Doesn't Matter to the Oligarchy How Many Mass Shootings There Are

There will be no gun control, not only because of the gun lobby and a corrupt political class, but because for many white Americans the idea of the gun is the only power they have left.

Chris Hedges ·

We Need a Strong "Wealth Squad" to Counter the Endless Defenses of the Megarich

As U.S. billionaires got richer and their wealth defense tactics proliferated, audit rates sharply declined. Funding the IRS' wealth squad would help ensure the nation's richest pay their fair share of taxes.

Kalena Thomhave ·

'We Are Choosing Death': Byanyima, Stiglitz Slam WTO Inaction on Vaccine Patents

Winnie Byanyima, the head of UNAIDS, said rich countries have chosen to "protect the monopolies and profits of pharma companies, and millions of people have died who shouldn't have died."

Jake Johnson ·

As World's Mega Rich Geared Up for Davos, Central Bankers Went Rogue — and Rational

The case for taxing the rich gets an unexpected boost.

Sam Pizzigati ·

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