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Hurricane Maria

The Puerto Rico Crisis: A Reflection of a Flawed US Democracy

The recent resignation of Governor Rosselló should be understood within the larger framework of a flawed US democratic state that continues its economic stranglehold over Puerto Rico.

Carlos Figueroa ·

'Unacceptable': Trump Using Puerto Rico's Political Crisis to Restrict Hurricane Relief Aid

"For far too long, the U.S. government has failed the people of Puerto Rico. That must end."

Jake Johnson ·

Hong Kong and Puerto Rico: Two Colonies Doomed to Second-Class Status by Remote Central Government Control

We can expect more unrest in both places as time goes by, as the citizens of both Hong Kong and Puerto Rico endure the continued humiliation of colonial or quasi-colonial status under the thumb of remote central governments a thousand miles away

Dave Lindorff ·

'He Needs to Go!' Hundreds of Thousands Set to Pour Into Streets as Puerto Rico Gov. Rosselló Refuses to Resign

"The people are not going to go away. That's what he's hoping for, but we outnumber him."

Jake Johnson ·

'Time for Puerto Rico to Wake Up and Rise Up': Thousands Take to Streets Demanding Embattled Governor Resign

"He does not deserve the job he has, and the people have spoken."

Eoin Higgins ·

Senate Democrats Demand Trump Administration Answer for 'Unconscionable' Delay of Puerto Rico Food Aid

"There are no excuses for this, and the Trump administration must act now to correct this tragic situation that they have caused."

Jake Johnson ·

Puerto Rico’s Botched Disaster Relief, Unsustainable Debt, and Economic Failure Linked to its Colonial Status

How can this scale of corruption, overseen by the US Congress, even happen? 

Mark Weisbrot ·

'Unhinged, Insensitive, and Lying': Trump Uses Bar Graph to Spread Falsehood About Puerto Rico Hurricane Aid

"His racism knows no boundaries," said San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz

Jake Johnson ·

Democrats Demand White House Hand Over Documents on Trump's "Abominable" Hurricane Response in Puerto Rico

House Democrats also requested records and communications from FEMA "regarding mass graves found in Puerto Rico."

Jake Johnson ·

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