Puerto Rico

Jessica Corbett, staff writer
The president claims, with no evidence, that local officials want to use recovery money to pay down the U.S. territory's sizeable debt
Democracy Now!
Naomi Klein on Democracy Now! (Photo: Screenshot)
"I don't think we should be surprised Donald Trump is denying hard reality…...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"We need to ensure that we are fighting against a predatory system that sucks...


It took the White House all day to devise an ostensible defense for its sick narcissist's claim the Democrats just imagined all those dead people in Puerto Rico - he's responding to "misinformation" - but the uproar came fast and fierce; many counseled he get help, stop lying, resign or fuck off. In the wake of his crossing yet another unthinkable line, others cited the too-little-noted carnage our inept clown's already done in P.R., Texas, North Carolina and God knows where else.