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Self-Harm, Fear, Neglect: New Reports Show Horror Faced by Lone Children at Greek Migrant Camp

"Everything is dangerous here—the cold, the place I sleep, the fights. I don't feel safe."

Andrea Germanos ·

Why the World Is Watching the Fate of an Iranian Tanker in the Mediterranean

Greece, unlike the U.S., has taken the position that Iran has "the right to develop nuclear technology for peaceful purposes alone."

Vijay Prashad ·

'Only Ray of Hope in This Bleak Setting': As Greek Right Regains Power, Applause as Varoufakis-Led MeRA25 Wins First-Ever Seats in Parliament

"As of today, we embark upon a steadfast campaign against the most parasitic and cruel form of oligarchy that New Democracy will strive to erect upon the foundation of Mr. Tsipras's bailout agreement."

Jake Johnson ·

America's Illusions of Growth

Buoyant GDP and unemployment data in the United States may have improved President Donald Trump's re-election chances. But these indicators fail to measure what really counts for the public.

Jeffrey D. Sachs ·

Vietnam to Venezuela: US Interventionism and the Failure of the Left

The modern U.S. empire has run roughshod over the interests and desires of foreign nations and their people for more than a century, but that history should call for pause as the bipartisan interventionist consensus gears up once again, this time in an effort to topple the legitimately elected government of Venezuela

Adolph Reed Jr. ·

Killing for Credibility: A Look Back at the 1999 NATO Air War on Serbia

Twenty years later, Operation Allied force has been all but forgotten in the United States. It should not be.

Brett Wilkins ·

What America Can Learn From the World's Happiest Countries

A society with all sorts of really nice universal goodies, tons of vacation, and low inequality is a nice place to live, and its residents are happier

Ryan Cooper ·

The Witch Hunt at Westminster

Accusations of anti-Semitism are increasingly being used to delegitimise critics of the Israeli government and its policies toward the Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem

Neve Gordon ·

Let’s Change Europe From the Ground Up

The DiEM25 manifesto proposes immediate financial changes within the existing structures of the EU, to end austerity and fund a green, and hopefully post-capitalist, future. It operates across the continent.

Yanis Varoufakis ·

Venezuela-Baiting: How Media Keep Anti-Imperialist Dissent in Check

The reality is that nothing but complete capitulation to this extractive right-wing tactic will be accepted

Alan MacLeod ·

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