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Locals Warn Biden's EU Export Plan Would Make Gulf Coast 'Sacrifice Zone' for Fracked Gas

"President Biden cannot call himself a climate president while ignoring the needs and reality of impacted communities."

Brett Wilkins ·

'This Is a Scandal': Documents Reveal Obama's EPA Approved Toxic Chemicals for Fracking in 2011

"We still don't know the full extent of toxic chemicals that companies are using in their fracking operations. Why is the EPA allowing them to poison our communities without consequence?"

Kenny Stancil ·

'The IEA Is Starting to Get It': World Energy Body Praised for Finally Admitting Fossil Fuels Must Stay in the Ground

"Today's bombshell report from the International Energy Agency is easy to translate," said Bill McKibben. "Anyone who continues to engage or invest in fossil fuel development is wrecking the climate."

Kenny Stancil ·

'Radical Agents of Physical and Social Chaos': Campaigners Target Big Banks Over Destructive Fossil Fuel Projects

"It is simply nuts for banks to keep financing the ongoing destruction of the planet's climate."

Jessica Corbett ·

UK Reversal of Fracking Ban Is Anti-Science and Anti-Planet

The climate science tells us that to have any chance of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees, we must stop drilling for new oil and gas.

Andy Rowell ·

'We'll Meet Them Out in the Fields': Challenging the Pipelines to Nowhere

The primary purpose of these and other carbon pipeline systems was never to reduce atmospheric CO2. Its backers' aim is to turn a profit by spiffing up the environmental image of US feed-grain agriculture.

Stan Cox ·

New British PM Blasted for 'Destructive' Decision to Lift Fracking Moratorium

"Fracking is a false solution to the cost-of-living crisis," said one activist. "The most effective way to bring down our bills and boost energy security for good is to invest in cheap, clean renewables and a nationwide home insulation and energy efficiency program."

Jessica Corbett ·

Green Group Blasts Biden for Backing Big Oil's California Offshore Fracking Push

"This contradicts the administration's climate goals because fast-tracking offshore fracking will mean more dirty fossil fuels."

Brett Wilkins ·

This LNG Giant's Greenwashing Reveals Gas Export Industry's Dangerous Intentions

The report which examined science-based approaches to methane monitoring in the oil and gas sector, came to a startling conclusion about some of the top oil and gas producers it surveyed in its study.

Lorne Stockman ·

"Almost Heaven" Appalachia IS Heaven Without a Fracked Gas Pipeline

Images from my 12-day Walk for Appalachia’s Future

Melinda Tuhus ·

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