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Election 2022

'Bought and Paid for by You!': Fetterman Celebrates 200K Individual Donors in PA Primary

More than 99% of donors "have not given the maximum contribution and can give again and again," said the campaign.

Kenny Stancil ·

Rallying for Summer Lee, Sanders Rips AIPAC for Trying to 'Buy Elections'

"Talk about a corrupt political system," said Sen. Bernie Sanders. "And that is why Summer and so many of us are going to do everything that we can to put these super PACs out of business."

Jake Johnson ·

JD Vance, Backed by Trump and Billionaire Cash, Wins GOP Senate Primary in Ohio

"Vance is an out-of-touch millionaire who's made a career of bashing the working class and is the worst possible choice to represent Ohio," said Rep. Tim Ryan, who will face off against Vance in November.

Jake Johnson ·

'Terrifying': GOP Preparing 6-Week Federal Abortion Ban If They Win Back Congress

"A Democratic Senate chose to protect the filibuster instead of abortion rights," said one Democratic strategist. "The first thing a GOP Senate will do is toss the filibuster aside to effectively ban abortion nationwide."

Julia Conley ·

Young Rural Progressives Have a Message for the Democratic Establishment

"The future of progressive politics—and indeed our democracy—demands that we revive our relationship with rural communities," write Maine state Sen. Chloe Maxmin and her campaign manager.

Brett Wilkins ·

A Victory for Nina Turner Is Exactly What the Democratic Party Needs

A Turner win in Ohio’s 11th congressional district will revive the Democrats chances of holding onto the House and Senate in the Fall, as it will inspire young voters and the party’s progressive base who have become demoralized.

Alan Minsky ·

'Debt Shaming' Has Dampened Democracy

The single and most simple thing President Biden can do to help save the Democratic majority this midterm, while stimulating the economy, is cancel student debt; and he should do it without delay.

India Walton ·

Robert Reich Backs Nina Turner, 'Who Will Fight for Working People' in Ohio's 11th District

President Joe Biden endorsed her opponent, Shontel Brown—which one critic called a "very clear signal from the White House" that "if you think Biden needs to fight harder and do more, vote Nina Turner."

Jessica Corbett ·

Nothing Spells 'Big Government' Better Than GOP 'Big Lie' Embrace of Martial Law

The Big Lie isn't just that Trump had an election stolen from him: the Republicans have been running a longer con for three generations. Let's call it what it is: the road to fascism.

Thom Hartmann ·

What the CPC's Failure to Endorse Nina Turner Tells Us

The choice of Shontel Brown over Turner in Ohio should be understood as a bellwether event that shows progressives cannot depend on the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Jeff Cohen ·

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