Carmen Yulín Cruz

Jake Johnson, staff writer
"He knows his response was inefficient at best. Shame on you!" Carmen Yulín Cruz said in response to the president's Twitter tirade
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"He continues to make the humanitarian crisis worse. He is ensuring that people...
Jon Queally, staff writer
"I think it's the most diverse presidential campaign team ever assembled," said...


On the grim anniversary of Hurricane Maria, as Puerto Rico remains in tarp-strewn ruins, thousands lack power or water, and scores who fled now face homelessness, the White House boasted of its "historic recovery effort" and agreed to give the island about 1% of what it needs to rebuild. Then Trump went to a Las Vegas rally where he called Brett Kavanaugh "a fine, fine person" and happily imagined the day we'd all want him to "stop winning so much," which we think is here.