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Peter Hart,

Trump’s Brazen Collusion with Big Oil

CEOs tapped for donations as they draw up policy wish list

The Washington Post is reporting that Donald Trump told a group of oil industry executives that if they raised $1 billion to support his presidential campaign, he would institute a range of policies favorable to their corporate interests. Separately, Politico reports that oil industry leaders are drafting “ ready-to-sign executive orders” that would boost gas exports and increase offshore drilling.

In response, Food & Water Action Deputy Director Mitch Jones released the following statement:

“Donald Trump and Big Oil are openly colluding to dismantle any semblance of progress on climate. The disgraced ex-president has made it clear that he is willing to do the industry’s bidding, and oil and gas executives are more than happy to play along to boost their profit margins at the expense of our air, water and a livable future. This is disgusting and corrupt – and exactly what we would expect from all parties involved.”

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