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ProsperUS Condemns Partisan Short-Term Funding Proposal: “Deeply unpopular and doomed to fail”

Statement builds on ProsperUS letter urging Congressional leadership to quickly pass appropriations bills; New poll finds Americans overwhelmingly oppose Republicans’ proposed cuts

Following reports of a new short-term funding proposal from a group of House Republicans that includes massive cuts to federal investments and shameful poison pill riders, the 87-member ProsperUS coalition released the following statement:

“These last-ditch efforts to slash critical investments in workers and families are deeply unpopular and doomed to fail. Extreme House GOP members should accept reality: The majority of Congress is with the American people in rejecting hostage-taking and painful and irresponsible cuts.

“The House majority should set aside this latest failed proposal and allow the full House to vote on government funding bills at or above the floor set in the bipartisan debt limit deal. Anything less would be a clear step backward for our economy and hurt the most vulnerable communities we represent.”

ProsperUS is a coalition of movement groups, labor organizations, think tanks, experts, and advocates that believes government should invest in people.

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