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For Immediate Release

Alan Minsky, Executive Director PDA,

Anthony Flaccavento, Executive Director RUBI,

National Progressive Groups Commit to Rural America

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) and the Rural Urban Bridge Initiative (RUBI) today announce the release of the Rural New Deal, a policy platform designed to cultivate long-term rural prosperity and resilience through federal investment in bottom-up solutions.

A joint project of PDA and RUBI, the Rural New Deal was designed as a non-partisan strategy, based upon the experience of rural development leaders, practitioners, and advocates from across the country.

According to PDA Executive Director, Alan Minsky, “Addressing the problems and concerns of rural America, isn’t just the right thing to do, it is essential for the health of our nation. Progressives have ignored rural for too long. The Rural New Deal will change that.”

The Rural New Deal is built around Ten Pillars of federal action, ranging from “Rebuild Farm, Forest and Food Economies” to “Dismantle Monopolies and Support Local Businesses” to “Invest in Rural Health Care”.

Each pillar includes five to eight specific recommendations for action, primarily though not exclusively at the federal level; all of which can be advocated for separately, as well as part of the compete RND platform.

Together they comprise an ambitious yet practical template for public action to rebuild diverse rural economies, strong communities, and a more ecologically resilient nation. The RND complements other recent efforts to shift federal rural policy, such as the Rural Democracy Initiatives “Rural Policy Action Report.”

“The extreme political divide in our country robs rural communities of the resources and opportunities they need, while making it nearly impossible to address the biggest problems we face as a nation,” says RUBI Director, Anthony Flaccavento.

“The Rural New Deal will help break that stalemate because it is both comprehensive and bottom-up in its approach, focusing on strategies that we know from experience will work.”

PDA has added the question “Do you support the Rural New Deal? Yes or No” to its 2024 candidate questionnaire for both the U.S. House and Senate (accompanied by a list of the ten pillars of the RND along with a link to the complete program).

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