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Hurricane Beryl: Environment Texas' Luke Metzger, other experts available for interviews

With storm potentially on track to strike Texas, authority with lots of on-air experience can discuss impacts

Gov. Greg Abbott issued a statement Wednesday afternoon urging Texans to take precautions as Hurricane Beryl approaches the state. At the time, the National Hurricane Center showed a significant portion of Texas’ Gulf Coast in the “forecast cone” projecting where Hurricane Beryl could go over the next few days. While we’re hoping the storm weakens quickly, and NHC meteorologists predict Beryl will only be a tropical storm by the time it reaches the region on Monday, currently Beryl is tearing through the Caribbean Sea as an unprecedented major (111+ m.p.h.) early-season hurricane that at one point rated a Category 5 (157+ m.p.h.).

Environment Texas Executive Director Luke Metzger has experienced and spoken to the media about innumerable severe weather events over his 18 years running Environment America’s Lone Star State group.

Metzger has been a trusted, articulate source for print, web and broadcast journalists alike on everything from 2017’s devastating Hurricane Harvey and its impacts on public health to the 2021 ice storm that shut down much of Texas -- and its electric grid -- and another paralyzing winter storm this past January.

In advance of this tropical cyclone, Metzger can discuss a variety of environmental concerns, from the possible damage to oil and gas infrastructure in the Gulf to the ways that renewable energy sources and battery storage can make life easier during a storm. During the storm, Metzger’s extensive network of in-state contacts could prove useful. And after the storm, he can provide context for any number of situations Beryl may cause.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Luke directly or email and we’ll get Luke or one of our national experts to help you. Our national experts, detailed in our 2024 Hurricane Season Coverage guide, also can discuss a variety of potential environmental, health and consumer problems. As with all hurricanes in our modern age, wind and storm surge pose physical threats -- and price gougers, scammers and unethical contractors pose financial threats.

Here is our most recent data and graphics on potential environmental, health and consumer dangers created by hurricanes -- and the flooding that follows:
Report about Superfund sites.
Information about coal ash.
Information about toxic waste facilities.
Information about portable generator safety
Information on dealing with storm debris
Consumer tip sheet on how to protect yourself from storms and con artists

One more recommendation:

Discard hazardous products: Many common household products including cleaners, batteries, paint and pesticides contain hazardous chemicals. These things can leak into groundwater during major flooding events such as hurricanes, harming people and the environment. If a bottle, can or other packaging has a warning label on it, make sure that it is secured high above the possible flood level. And if the product is used up, make sure to take it to your local hazardous waste disposal center.

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