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Phoebe Galt, Food & Water Watch,

House Republicans Establish Dangerous Farm Bill Priorities

Legislation to preempt consumer protection and animal welfare laws must be dead on arrival

Under fire for unreasonable delay, House Republicans and Senate Democrats released Farm Bill priorities today, teeing up lengthy debate on the seminal food and agriculture legislative package that is already months overdue.

Early reporting suggests House Republican support for a number of priorities that put Big Ag profits over people, including The EATS Act, which would preempt state regulation of the factory farm and agribusiness industry, effectively reversing a Supreme Court ruling to uphold California’s Proposition 12 last year, widely celebrated as a victory against the worst factory farm abuses.

In response, Food & Water Watch Senior Food Policy Analyst Rebecca Wolf issued the following statement:

“Despicable ploys to undermine critical consumer and animal welfare protections must be dead on arrival. America’s farmers and consumers need forward-looking policies that build a sustainable, resilient and fair food system. Instead, House leadership seems poised to take us backwards, trading state-level gains for a few more bucks in the pockets of corporate donors. Congress must move beyond partisan bickering, and get to work on a Farm Bill that cuts handouts to Big Ag and factory farms.”

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