Washington DC

Jake Johnson, staff writer
"There's a tremendous amount of power that drives through those streets and parks next to those sidewalks and walks into those buildings. We want them to think about what they're doing with that power."
Eoin Higgins, staff writer
Trade organizations are using nonprofit tax rules to wriggle out of disclosing spending, according to a new report.
"People forget about them because they've just been there [collecting] large...
Andrea Germanos, staff writer
A park bench sits under water in East Potomac Park in Washington, D.C. on July 8, 2019, after a storm caused flooding.
"We don't have time for more lies. We must address the climate crisis now,"...


You're all prolly way busy packing your flags and tea bags for the big shindig but for those who don't know: Organizers expect up to 30 million (or at least 47) patriots to flood D.C. Friday for OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING, the "Beginning Of Tyranny Housecleaning" when all criminal elitist members of the incumbent government led by that Kenyan usurper will be removed as a start toward constitutional restoration and replaced with "those with the principles of a West, Cruz, DeMint" etc who will...