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Freedom to Vote Act—With Goals Backed by Majority of Americans—Reintroduced in Congress

Today, Members of Congress in both chambers reintroduced the Freedom to Vote Act, a comprehensive proposal that would increase Americans’ access to the ballot box, neutralize partisan and racial gerrymandering and increase transparency in our campaign finance system to counteract the impact of dark money secret spending.

Originally introduced in 2021, the Freedom to Vote Act would address many of the most pressing challenges to our electoral process, allowing democracy to work for all Americans and ensuring that all voices are heard.

“The aims of the Freedom to Vote Act – prohibiting partisan gerrymandering, protecting the freedom to vote and increasing the transparency of money spent in federal elections – are supported by a significant majority of Americans, regardless of party,” said Trevor Potter, president of Campaign Legal Center and a Republican former chairman of the Federal Election Commission. “We encourage legislators to put partisanship aside and come together to ensure that every American voter has an equal voice in our political system, in order to ensure that democracy works for all Americans.”

An opposing bill, the American Confidence in Elections Act (ACE Act), was recently introduced in the House of Representatives. Despite the misleading name, the ACE Act does not make our elections more secure, transparent and accessible. Rather, the ACE Act erodes access to the ballot box, opens the door for wealthy donors to influence elections, imposes new burdens on nonpartisan election workers, restricts the franchise for voters in Washington, DC and much more.

The Freedom to Vote Act, in deep contrast, is legislation that comprehensively strengthens our democracy and addresses the most pressing challenges to our electoral process – the true recipe for voter confidence and trust.

More information on the Freedom to Vote Act is available here.

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