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Chris Saeger,

Campaign Cash from Price-Fixing Big Oil CEO

Scalise took thousands from PAC connected to former oil CEO who was caught colluding with Exxon to keep price high by throttling production

According to new research from Accountable.US, a top House Republican has taken thousands in campaign contributions tied to the controversial former Big Oil CEO who colluded with OPEC to drive up energy prices. House Majority leader Steve Scalise took $40,000 from the Williams Companies Political Action Committee – a company whose board includes Scott Sheffield, the Big Oll CEO who was recently blocked from joining the board of Exxon Mobil by the Federal Trade Commission. Scalise also appears to take a small monthly contribution from Sheffield. “

Big Oil CEOs are out for themselves and the politicians who support their quest to drill for profit at the expense of the American people. So if Congressman Scalise wants to protect American consumers he should start by holding accountable Big Oil price gougers.”

Chris Marshall, a spokesperson for Accountable.US

Congressman Scalise has repeatedly called on American energy regulators to loosen consumer and environmental protections in order to increase production, but has been silent about price fixing by energy company executives.

Steve Scalise’s Leadership Fund Took $40,000 From The Williams Companies PAC In January 23, 2023. [Federal Election Commission, 01/023/23]

  • The Williams Companies Is A Natural Gas Corporation Whose Board Includes Scott Sheffield, The Former CEO Of Pioneer Natural Resources. [The Williams Companies, accessed 05/16/24]

Additionally, Scalise Takes $5 From Sheffield Personally Every Month.

  • Steve Scalise Took $5 From Scott Sheffield On March 10, 2024. [FEC, 03/10/24]
  • Steve Scalise Took $5 From Scott Sheffield On February 10, 2024. [FEC, 02/10/24]
  • Steve Scalise Took $5 From Scott Sheffield On January 10, 2024. [FEC, 01/10/24]
  • Steve Scalise Took $5 From Scott Sheffield On December 10, 2023. [FEC, 12/10/23]
  • Steve Scalise Took $5 From Scott Sheffield On November 10, 2023. [FEC, 11/10/23]
  • Steve Scalise Took $5 From Scott Sheffield On October 10, 2023. [FEC, 11/10/23]

Representative Scalise Claimed President Biden Refused To “End His War On American Energy” And To Ignore White House Attempts To “Spin” The Energy Crisis Differently. “Let’s be clear: Gas prices don’t have to be this high. But Joe Biden refuses to end his war on American energy production so we can fully utilize our own resources. Don’t let the White House spin it differently.” [Twitter, @SteveScalise, posted 3/16/2022]

FTC Found In Scott Sheffield’s Text Messages That He Had A “Plan” To “Get OPEC To Cut Production.” “Sheffield, for example, exchanged hundreds of text messages with OPEC representatives and officials discussing crude oil market dynamics, pricing and output. In discussing his efforts to coordinate with Texas producers under a production cut mandated by the Railroad Commission of Texas, Sheffield said, ‘If Texas leads the way, maybe we can get OPEC to cut production. Maybe Saudi and Russia will follow. That was our plan,’ he said, adding: ‘I was using the tactics of OPEC+ to get a bigger OPEC+ done.’” [Federal Trade Commission, 05/02/24]

Download Accountable.US’s full package of research on this issue at this link.

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