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Sam Inglot,

Guilty Verdicts for Whitmer's Would-be Kidnappers Only a Start

Two of the men accused of plotting to kidnap Governor Whitmer receive guilty verdicts, but the fight against right-wing extremism and political violence is far from over.


The following statement on the news that two of the men accused of plotting to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer have received guilty verdicts can be attributed to Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan:

"Holding the men who plotted to kidnap our governor accountable for their actions is a good start in our ongoing battle against right-wing extremist political violence, but it is just that: a start. The political environment that resulted in this plot has not changed in the years since it was hatched. We must examine how the Michigan Republican Party continues to not only cozy up to right-wing militias and extremists, but also welcomes extremists and conspiracy theorists into the leadership of their party and nominates them as candidates to lead our state.

"While we might hope these convictions tamp down the reckless radical rhetoric coming from the MIGOP when it comes to Governor Whitmer's work to protect Michiganders, we haven't seen any evidence Republicans will stop spewing their dangerous vitriol in their cowardly attempt to hang onto power. We must hold Republicans accountable for their hate-inspiring messaging and continue to root out the right-wing extremism poisoning our state before it leads to more extremist violence. In short, today justice was served, but the work continues."

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