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Jaydee Hanson,

Center for Food Safety Calls for Ban on Brazilian Beef Imports Due to Mad Cow Disease


It has been reported by Reuters and other international media outlets that Brazil is experiencing an outbreak of mad cow disease. In September, Brazil confirmed two cases of what it called "atypical" mad cow disease in animals, triggering a suspension of beef exports to China. According to Politico, Brazil waited months before notifying the U.S. and other trade partners. It is uncertain whether these cases are spontaneous cases that are isolated or if they are the result of feeding practices employed by Brazilian feedlots.

The following is a statement from Jaydee Hanson, policy director at Center for Food Safety:

"Given the history of corruption in the Brazilian meat industry, the U.S. Department of Agriculture should send veterinarians to Brazil to review the feed practices of each of the beef operations where animals with mad cow disease were found. The veterinarians should watch for ground animal proteins being added to the cows' feed. Until there is a report from the team that confirms no likelihood of any future mad cow disease on these farms, the U.S. should ban Brazilian beef imports. Afterwards, no Brazilian beef should be processed and packed in U.S. facilities and no Brazilian beef should be allowed to be added to ground meat in the U.S. Finally, as a precautionary health measure, the U.S. should require that in the future, Brazilian beef be labeled as coming from Brazil so that consumers can decide if they want to buy it."

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