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Stand Up America Calls for Supreme Court Expansion as SCOTUS Begins Hearing Arguments in Second Case Aimed at Overturning Roe v. Wade

“It’s time to rebalance the ideological scales of the Supreme Court, and stop the Court from taking bad faith cases aimed at overturning long-standing precedent for political reasons.”


This morning, the Supreme Court will begin hearing arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, a second case on the Court's docket this session aimed at overturning long-standing reproductive rights. Today's case began in Mississippi three years ago, when state lawmakers banned nearly all abortion procedures after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

Stand Up America's Executive Director Christina Harvey commented on today's oral arguments:

"Today, the Supreme Court is hearing arguments in yet another politicized suit aimed at decimating our reproductive rights. The fact that the Court is even hearing this case--which is essentially Mississippi's appeal of a lower court's decision overturning this clearly unconstitutional law--is proof of how broken our nation's highest court has become, and how urgently we must act to protect our constitutional rights from partisan actors on the bench.

"It's time to rebalance the Supreme Court by expanding the bench. That's the only way we can stop the Court from taking bad faith cases like this one that are designed to overturn our most basic and established rights. Democrats must make it a priority to pass the Judiciary Act and add four seats to the bench, which would allow President Biden to rebalance the court.

"The American people elected Democrats to protect our sacred rights--from voting to health care to abortion--from right-wing attacks, and Congress is running out of time to secure the bench before it's too late."

Stand Up America is a progressive advocacy organization with over two million community members across the country. Focused on grassroots advocacy to strengthen our democracy and oppose Trump's corrupt agenda, Stand Up America has driven over 600,000 phone calls to Congress and mobilized tens of thousands of protestors across the country.