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For Immediate Release


Medea Benjamin | Co-Founder, CODEPINK |
Jodie Evans | Co-Founder, CODEPINK |

Olivia DiNucci | Cut the Pentagon Organizer, CODEPINK|
Monica Curca| Narrative and Cultural Strategist Director, +Peace |
Ary Mondragón  |Dia De Los Muertos DC |

Press Release

Anti-War and Climate Justice Organizations to engage in Direct Action outside of the Association of the United States Army Annual Meeting


CODEPINK, +Peace, Dia de los Muertos DC, and World Beyond War will co-host a direct action of visually engaging street theater outside of the Apple Carnegie Library, across from the Convention Center where The Army Association of the United States is holding its annual convention. 

This action is hosted as part of the People Vs. Fossil Fuels Week an Indigenous and frontline community call for mass mobilization for this administration to #BuildBackFossilFree. The theme on Wednesday, October 13, is "Our Communities Can't Wait: Activation for People, Planet, Peace, and a Future.”, illustrating how militarism exacerbates the climate crisis, especially in frontline communities.

Olivia DiNucci, Cut the Pentagon Organizer, said, “We are taking action outside of the Army Association of the United States’ annual convention to target the largest polluting institution in the world: the U.S. military. If we’re serious about taking action for People, Planet, Peace, and a Future, we have to address the crucial link between climate change and U.S. militarism. There’s a stark contrast between thousands of people on the streets of Washington D.C. demanding action for climate justice and the Army Association of the United States holding their annual convention, including an arms fair for war profiteers.” 

The action will take place while Congress is debating two important pieces of legislation: the $3.5 trillion Reconciliation Bill and the $8 trillion National Defense Authorization Act. Organizers will draw attention to the fact that by cutting the annual $780 Pentagon budget in half, Congress could pay for the $350 billion annual cost of the proposed Reconciliation Bill.

What: Direct Action and Street Theater outside of the Association of the United States Army Annual Meeting 

When and Where: Wednesday, October 13, 1 PM-3 PM ET Apple Carnegie Library - 801 K St NW Washington, D.C. 20001

Visuals will include a large peace tank, a large 3-D globe, and colorful banners. 

Organizers and participants will engage in creative and visually-engaging street theater. 

Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK Co-Founder, said, “Our government is delusional if it thinks we can address a problem like climate change that requires global cooperation by continuing down the destructive path of U.S. militarism. It’s clear that we can’t meaningfully address climate change without, at minimum, significantly reducing the size and budget of the United States military.” 

During the event,  organizers will engage with the public about what they would invest in during the just transition from a war economy to a peace economy, sharing ideas for a reimagined world that invests in people and the planet. 

Jodie Evans, CODEPINK Co-Founder, said, “By asking participants to imagine a world that invests in people, peace, planet, and a future, we’ll be modeling the exact opposite of a destructive and extractive war economy.” 


CODEPINK is a women-led grassroots organization working to end U.S. wars and militarism, support peace and human rights initiatives, and redirect our tax dollars into healthcare, education, green jobs and other life-affirming programs.

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