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For Immediate Release


Sumer Shaikh, Green New Deal Network, 
McKenzie Wilson, Data for Progress,

Press Release

POLL: Voters Support Economic Renewal Plan Centering Climate, Labor, and Justice

New polling from Data for Progress, Green New Deal Network shows national voters overwhelmingly support the THRIVE Act.

Today, Data for Progress and Green New Deal Network released a new poll finding that voters support a comprehensive and justice-oriented approach to creating new jobs and infrastructure: the THRIVE Act, a $10 trillion community investment over the next 10 years that tackles the multiple overlapping crises in their communities, from pollution and climate change to unemployment. 

  • Nearly two-thirds of voters support the THRIVE Act, regardless of whether the framing of the bill centers on labor, climate, or justice
  • Voters overwhelmingly back all of the THRIVE Act’s main policy objectives, with every objective earning broad bipartisan support, including reinvesting in healthcare and education institutions, ensuring a just transition to clean energy, combating environmental injustice, creating 15 million new jobs, and cutting climate pollution in half by 2030
  • A majority of voters support the THRIVE Act’s plan to direct 50% of investments to communities that are most impacted by climate change, pollution, and the clean energy transition. Voters support these investments in impacted communities by a +40 point margin.
  • Voters across party lines support the THRIVE Act: Republican voters support several of the THRIVE Act’s measures, including reinvesting in public institutions (55 percent support) and ensuring a just transition to clean energy (52 percent support)
  • Over three-quarters of likely voters are concerned about the impacts of air and water pollution and unemployment on their communities, while over two-thirds are concerned about climate change, racism, and injustice

“With social, economic, and environmental crises impacting communities across the country, voters want to see Congress pass an economic recovery package that not only creates jobs, but also advances climate and racial justice,” said Danielle Deiseroth, Senior Climate Analyst at DFP. “The urgency of the climate crisis calls for an aggressive whole-of-government response, and it's why voters back the scale and ambition of the THRIVE Act that meets this moment.”

“It’s clear that the American people want the government to start working for them in a big way by making a significant investment in new jobs, infrastructure, and the fight against climate change – all while being grounded in justice and equity,” said Lauren Maunus, Advocacy Director for Sunrise Movement. “Voters want to see a transformation of our economy and society to the scale of the THRIVE Act, and ignoring our demands will only isolate young people and jeopardize Democrats’ chances in 2022, 2024 and beyond.”



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