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MPower Action Co-Founder Linda Sarsour Releases Statement on Andrew Yang's Comments on BDS


In the wake of deeply offensive and dangerous comments made by Andrew Yang slandering BDS activists, Linda Sarsour, the Co-Founder of MPower Action, released the following statement:

"Andrew Yang's outrageous libel of protesters peacefully opposing human rights violations is disqualifying. Yang's explicit smear of activists, and implicit insult of Palestinians, is something I'd have expected to hear from the Trump administration. It's the kind of malicious rhetoric that must be rejected regardless of political party or affiliation.

As a Palestinian-American voter, and a proud New Yorker, I utterly reject Andrew Yang's absolutely false accusation against activists using principled non-violence to hold the Israeli government accountable.

Would-be elected officials should listen to Palestinian-Americans voters in their districts, rather than pretend we don't exist. They should also avoid spreading dangerous falsehoods that implicate already marginalized communities and set back the fight against identifying and combating the scourge of anti-Semitism."