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New Poll: Most Voters in Maine Believe Trump Is Intentionally Damaging the US Postal Service to Win Reelection

Poll Comes in Advance of Nationwide Save the Post Office Actions This Saturday


Many Maine voters believe that Donald Trump is intentionally damaging the US Postal Service in order to help him reelection in November, according to new polling conducted by Public Policy Polling and released today by MoveOn Political Action in advance of grassroots #SaveThePostOffice actions planned across the country on Saturday.

The poll shows that 53% of Mainers believe that Trump is intentionally damaging the US Postal Service, compared to 38% who do not. A large majority of Maine voters (61%) also believe that US postmaster General Louis Dejoy's investments in the Postal Service's competitors are a conflict of interest; and 57% of voters oppose Donald Trump's consideration of executive action to curb vote-by-mail and damage the US Postal Service financially.

The poll was conducted on August 13 and 14 with 571 registered voters in Maine via SMS and a margin of error of 4.1%.

"Donald Trump is manipulating the United States Postal Service in a transparent attempt to steal the election. Our polls show voters in battleground states can see right through it and they are not having it," said Rahna Epting, executive director of MoveOn Political Action. "What's even more shameful is that this power grab will literally cost people their lives--millions of Americans rely on the post office for paychecks and life-saving medication."

Similar results were obtained in polls conducted in Georgia, Florida and Iowa, other states seen as possible Senate pickups for Democrats this year.

Click here for a memo from PPP detailing the poll's findings.
Click here for the detailed poll results and crosstabs

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