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Ben Sonnega, Go Solar Campaign Advocate,

Josh Chetwynd, Communications Manager,

More Than 10,000 Americans Call for a Boost to Clean Energy as Part of COVID-19 Recovery Legislation

Congress must prioritize renewable tax incentives in its plan to tackle the pandemic.


Led by Environment America, more than 10,000 Americans this week called on Congress to use the power of the federal government to boost clean energy. Specifically, the petitioners are pressing for Congress to extend solar and wind energy tax credits; expand incentives for electric vehicles and energy efficiency; and create new tax credits for energy storage projects. This call to action comes as Congress begins discussion on a second COVID relief effort .

"In the menu of policies that help Americans tap into clean energy, tax incentives are the bread and butter," said Ben Sonnega, Environment America's Go Solar Campaign advocate. "If we want healthier communities today and a livable future for generations to come, Congress should heed the voices of these 10,000 constituents and act to boost clean energy."

Historically, under similar economic conditions, clean energy tax incentives have seen several rounds of extensions and expansions. For example, in 2009, a $90 billion investment was made through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Since the enactment of the ARRA, wind power capacity has tripled, and the U.S. has seen an 80-fold increase in solar power capacity.

"The stakes are high and getting higher," Sonnega said. "Record numbers of homeowners are interested in exploring solar and are counting on tax incentives to help cover the cost. Many of these incentives are set to expire in the next year. With only a few weeks to pass relief legislation, now is the time for Congress to prioritize clean energy investments. For the sake of our planet and future generations, we must keep clean energy growing and these federal policies play a critical role."

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