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Greens Call For Solidarity With Labor Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Party says the pandemic exposes dire need for economic, environmental and foreign policy system change.


Green Party leaders called today for people's movements and organizations to stand in solidarity with workers facing health concerns, loss of wages and insufficient healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"This must be a top priority for all who are dedicated to human rights, racial and economic justice, the well-being of working people and the poor, and the environment," said Green Party of the United States Co-Chair Justin Beth.

Greens noted that some activists have already proposed a general strike and said that a variety of actions should be considered. The Green Party supports strikes and other actions already underway, including those undertaken by Amazon workers.

"Low wage workers are facing threats to their health and livelihoods, or even being fired, simply for speaking out about dangerous working conditions. The current crisis we face with the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the fact that the majority of people across this country are one paycheck away from being on the street. We must call on national, local, and community-based groups to come together to support our critical workforce, and consider various collective actions," said Beth.

Medicare For All is especially urgent as millions of Americans face loss of employment and health insurance in the coming weeks, and as economists warn medical costs will shoot through the roof as insurance and medical industries try to exploit the crisis. Economists estimate that premiums could increase by 40% nationwide in 2021 without federal help, and as many as 35 million people could lose their health insurance during the pandemic.

Over 60% of Americans support single payer health insurance, sometimes called Expanded and Improved Medicare for All. Additionally, many countries are paying worker wages through the period that people are unable to work. Paying worker wages would allow workers to stay on their jobs and would relieve the burden of providing unemployment insurance on states who are struggling to buy medical supplies and set up temporary hospitals.

"Working people are on the front lines serving critical needs, yet are some of the lowest wage-earners with the fewest benefits and protections," said Darryl! Moch, co-chair of the Green Party National Black Caucus. " Employers must ensure safe and healthy working conditions for those who must work during the pandemic." He added, "The Green Party represents and is made up of working people. It is love for people and the planet that calls for us, in this current pandemic, to seek ways to truly connect and understand our common humanity, that we are interdependent on each other for our own survival, and that now we need to use this time to come together, recognizing that we have more in common then we have that separates us."

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