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Thanu Yakupitiyage,, 413-687-5160 Responds to Trump’s Comments at FEMA 2018 Hurricane Briefing

WASHINGTON - Today Donald Trump and the first lady visited FEMA headquarters where they received a briefing on 2018 hurricane season. In his remarks, Trump stated, “America has never experienced so many large-scale disasters in so short a period of time.”

In response, May Boeve, executive director, said:

“Even Trump and his climate-denying administration had to admit to the severity of hurricanes, floods, and fires that the United States has experienced over the last year. And yet despite this acknowledgement, they continue to dismiss the reality of climate change and obliterate hard-won policies that regulate carbon emissions and pollution in favor of propping up the fossil fuel industry.

“While Trump makes empty admissions, 2018 hurricane season is underway and forecasters have already predicted storms that are stronger than ever. While the federal government pats themselves on the back for their inadequate disaster response that has left thousands dead and without homes, it’s communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis who are leading the way toward solutions.

Now more than ever, from the ground up, we must ramp up pressure on local elected officials to put bold and immediate action behind their words. Officials at all levels must step up their climate ambitions and be real leaders by committing to a just transition to 100% renewables with no new fossil fuel projects. This is what we’re calling for in the lead up to the Global Climate Action Summit in California this September: the real solutions we need to prevent devastating climate impacts and to build the fossil free world that works for all.”


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