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#OurDream Coalition: Time For Democrats To Act Boldly On DREAM Act


In response to news of the cancellation of a meeting on the budget, DACA, and other related issues between Donald Trump and the leadership of both parties, Erika Andiola, a DACA recipient and spokesperson for the #OurDream alliance, made the following statement:

"Today's actions show that the Republican leadership wants to have it both ways: They want to say they support Dreamers but in fact stand with white supremacists and the tiny minority who want to deport us. Democrats need to wake up and use their power to make the GOP choose a side. You're either with Dreamers and the vast bipartisan majority of the American public that supports the Dream Act or you're with the hate groups who want to throw us out of the only country we've ever known as home. Pelosi and Schumer were right to cancel the meeting and now they should take it a step further. The way to avoid a government shutdown is for them - and every member of Congress who claims to support undocumented youth - to join Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and others in their pledge to oppose any spending bill that doesn't include a clean Dream Act. Dreamers and our allies aren't waiting for leadership anymore. Next week we will begin sit-ins at the offices of members of Congress who refuse to make this pledge and stand with Dreamers. If Pelosi and Schumer won't lead, they'll have to have us arrested for asking them to."